11th November 2018
Roade Local History Society and The Royal British Legion Roade & District Branch

Roade Roll of Honour Exhibition
at Roade Methodist Church Hall

The Exhibition was very successful and provided information about men from Roade who died in the service of their country in the two World Wars, including some who do not appear on the village war memorial, and six Canadian airmen who lost their lives when their Wellington bomber was struck by lightning over Roade in 1944 (a memorial to the airmen was dedicated on 9th November 2014).

The Roade Roll of Honour folders in St Mary’s Church and Roade Methodist Church were produced in 2008 by Gordon Hall with the help of members of Roade Local History Society and the Royal British Legion.  They have been updated with various amendments and additions resulting from further research and information received in the last ten years.  In particular, details have been added about the Canadian airmen and two men whose graves in Roade Cemetery are designated as WWI War Graves and are commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. 

The Society is grateful to:
The Royal British Legion, Roade & District branch, for taking part,
Roade Methodist Church for hosting the Exhibition and providing delicious refreshments,
Gordon Hall for inspiring and producing the original Roade Roll of Honour,
David Cochrane for providing a wealth of information about men who were born or once lived in Roade but are commemorated elsewhere, 
Eleanor Pye for sending us a beautiful folder recording the dedication of the memorial to the six Canadian airmen (Eleanor and her brother and son came from Canada in 2014 to take part in the ceremony),
all those who provided exhibits and helped at the event.

Roade War Memorial unveiling ceremony 1921

Spherical video and interactive map of the Remembrance Service and parade

The 2018 Remembrance Service and Roade Roll of Honour Exhibition were attended by David Wortley of 360in360 Immersive Experiences, who has kindly posted to Youtube a spherical video he took of the event. In this, it is possible to pan around the video (left and right, up and down) as though you were there at the time and turning your head...........drag the video around on the screen with your mouse or use the arrow controls in the top left of the Youtube videos and have a go!

David has also created an Interactive Map of the event, which can be viewed on this link:
 You can navigate around this map in the same way but you can also click on the hotspots to jump to different places and find out more. The soldier hotspot will take you to another scene related to where he is standing. The biplane hotspot will always bring you back to the map and the cameraman hotspot will show you a video related to where he is standing.
The poppy hotspot will bring up a text box and/or a picture with more details.
The '360' logo hotspot will tell you more about what David does and connect you to his web site at http://www.360in360ix.co.uk/specialoccasions.html which shows you the interactive map “embedded” into his web page.
(links above open in a new window)

You may also be interested to see some similar videos taken by David at our recent event celebrating the 180th anniversary of  Roade railway cutting.